Drag this gray button in your Favorites Bar to add YOUR COMMENTS to any page or website on Internet, any time you want add your comment to a website just click on the button " Add SPOST " and BUM! , your comment is online!!
Naturally everyone can read your comments when viewing the site, just click the button to turn on SPOST.it!

If you use Internet Explorer, make right-click on the gray button and from the menu, choose "Add Bookmark", as position choose "Links Bar".

If you use Google Chrome or if you don't succeeded to drag the button in the Bar of your browser:
  • Copy this script:
  • make right-click on your Links Bar and from the menu choose Add Page or Add Link, write a Title for your button, es.: "Add SPOST" and paste the code of the script.
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How to use it
Video With Explorer - EXPLORER flag
With Explorer
Video With Firefox - FIREFOX flag
With Firefox
Video With Chrome - CHROME flag
With Chrome
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Make a Donation. Support the FREEDOM od POST!
Software development requires much time and resources. By making a donation actively supports the project SPOST. Help the community that wants continue to write messages and POST comments on any site on the net, freedom of thought.".


How to see the network messages, how to connect to the network

Instructions for Use:
All public posts of other users who write posts on sites around the world, gathered in chronological order on the Network of SPOST.it


SPOST.it is a free Social Network. It let you add POST to any website or html page, is usefull for add notes directly into the website you are navigating and also write PUBLIC comments to show to the other users of that website. It work with any browser or internet phones, also like iPhone, iPod e iPad. More than simply notes SPOST do other funny things, a lot of things: search and watch YouTUBE without leaving the website you are watching, add a chat to the page you are visiting and chat with the other users connected into the same website, and more...

  • SPOST.it don't need to be installed, is just a link into your bookmarks bar, any time you click on it it magically appear without installing strange plug-ins or other software, SPOST show you only the note, the friends, the users and the video related to the site you are navigating.

  • SPOST.it is compatible with any browser.

  • With SPOST.it you can create private notes just for you or for your friends.

  • With SPOST.it you can create pubblic notes that everybody can see, comment and show to other users or invite them.

  • SPOST.it do a lot of funny things like video, chat and games without never leaving the page you are watching.


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